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It’s actually really sad how many of my idols have passed away over the years

first it was Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, I cried for a day over that

then it was Paul Gray, that was fucked up

and now Mitch Lucker

I guess that’s just what life is like, you’ll lose your idols and as you get older, they get older and fucked up shit just happens to them and you really can’t do anything about it

so in the words of Mitch Lucker: You only live once so go fucking crazy

but not as fucking crazy as he did, just live life to it’s fullest and fucking rock on and do what you love

this has been another depressing post by babedesev.

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1 blink-182

2 alexisonfire

3 green day

4 A7X

5 system of a down

6 protest the hero

7 deadmau5

8 in flames

9 a day to remember

10 iron maiden

11 paramore

12 despised icon

13 rise against

14 lamb of god

15 killswitch engage

16 the flatliners

17 rage against the machine

18 sublime

19 the planet smashers

20 rammstein

and if you love any of these, you’re my new bestfriend

also, if you post a lot from any of these artists, like this, I need more of them on my dash!

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I have been waiting to see System of a Down again for years now

they played with Avenged Sevenfold, Hatebreed, Unearth and Norma Jean

First. Show. Ever.

fucking epic as fuck yo

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omg avenged sevenfold is about to start a new album this is the best day ever

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Follow this girl, blogs a lot of A7X
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Gift of Death - I Won’t See You Tonight Pt. 1 cover

I was in a band a few years back and yeah, we covered A7X haha

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Been 2 years now, and it still fucking sucks. I remember like it was yesterday.

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first 5 are the obvious ones, wonder if the other 5 will stay the same

  1. Blink-182
  2. Alexisonfire
  3. Avenged Sevenfold
  4. System of a Down
  5. Green Day
  6. In Flames
  7. Paramore
  8. Protest The Hero
  9. The Flatliners
  10. August Burns Red

…..I dunno though, I love too many artists hshdhakjdhaskdhalskdhaskdh

I think I’ll just stick with a top 5 and never make a top 10 lol

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